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~Certificate of Authenticity~

Original painting example of certificate of authenticity Nick Smith Fine Art

Our CoA's are issued with the original paintings. It includes the painting photo, collection data and reference information.  The CoA also includes my signature and impression from the Collection's custom designed embossed seal. Prints bought directly from my store will be embossed with their Collection Seal and signed.


For the Collectors:  

Near my artist signature on the original painting is a symbol. The symbol represents which Collection the painting belongs to.  Each Collection has a Seal also designed by me. Inside the seal is the corresponding Collection symbol.  There is even a symbol & seal for special commissions.


You can follow my development per collection by the copyright year or stock keeping unit number (SKU). I do have other works out in the world but as of 2015 authentication protocols have been put into action.  I am willing to validate any work you may have prior to 2015.


All original paintings and prints leaving my studio will have my 3" studio logo stamp on the back.  The petites will have my 1" studio logo. Originals are accompanied by a CoA and prints will have the Collection seal embossed directly in the paper. The prints are also signed and numbered.


All my artwork is authentic and original based on personal observation, imagination, sketches and photos.


Copyright: All Collections by L.Nicholas Smith are formally registered at the Copyright Office in the Library of Congress. My estate, or I the artist retain all copyright and reproduction rights. The artwork cannot be reproduced by any means without expressed written consent of the artist or benefactor estate. You do have the right to resell any of my artwork you own as secondhand. I encourage savvy collectors wanting to resell my artwork to keep the certificate of authenticity with the painting. Doing so helps with the appraised and resale value. All copyright and reproduction rights are retained by the artist.  The artwork can not be reproduced by any means without expressed written consent of the artist.


                                                                             ~L. Nicholas Smith

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