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Artist Directory

Press images for enlarged view

L. Nicholas Smith | Realism artwork | New Braunfels, TX
L. Nicholas Smith brushes and palette
L. Nicholas Smith color palette
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L. Nicholas Smith

Bulverde, Texas, USA

*oil paintings, drawings

kids looking at computer screen with siberian husky dog L. Nicholas Smith Fine Art
L. Nicholas Smith Fine Art visiting artist
Yvette Smith
Bulverde, Texas, USA
*still life photography
Lemons by (c) Yvette Smith

English, Hungarian, French

Yvette's tools
gold picture frame image
Anna Johnson | Impressionistic & Realism Artwork | Alabama, USA

Anna Johnson

Huntsville, Alabama, USA

*acrylic  paintings

Anna Johnson color palette

Russian, English


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Anna Johnson brushes and palette
Julius Chan Photography
Julius Chan Photography

Julius Chan

San Antonio, Texas, USA


English, Tagalong, Cebuano

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Julius Chan Photography
Julius Chan Photography
Brian Guenthenspberger | travel photography | Indiana, USA

Brian Guenthenspberger

Westfield, Indiana, USA

* travel photography

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photography by Brian Guthenspberger
Dusan Krivsky, L. Nicholas Smith Fine Art

Dusan Krivsky

Nymburk, Czech Republic

*oil paintings, industrial paint business

Czech/Bohemian, English

Dušan Křivský studio
Dušan Křivský studio paints
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Hannah Morales | Handcrafted Jewelry | Comal Co., TX
Hannah Morales
Hannah Morales
Comal County, Texas
Jewelry Making

English, Spanish, French


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Hannah Morales Jewelry
Hannah Morales Jewelry
Lucie Gelemova artists Prague Czech Republic
Lucie Gelemová
Prague, Czech Republic
*acrylic  painting
the paints of Lucie Gelemova
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Czech/Bohemian, English

art studio of Lucie Gelemova, Prague Czech Republic
art of Lucie Gelemova
visitng artist, Valery Semenov, Voronezh, Russia, artist, L. Nicholas Smith Fine Art
Valery Semonov
Voronezh, Russia
*oil  painting, printmaking & drawing
The color pallette of artist Valery Semenov, Voronezh, Russia visiting artist at L. Nicholas Smith Fine Art
The art studio of Valery Semenov from Voronezh, Russia, visiting artist at L. Nicholas Smith Fine Art
Russian, English
*Guild of Russian Artists, lifetime member
Roy Smith
Burnet, Texas, USA
*oil painting
Patty Thomas, artist from Ingram, Texas
Patty Thomas
Ingram, Texas, U.S.A.
*oil painting
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old Texas barn landscape, (c) Patty Thomas artist Ingram Texas
art studio of Patty Thomas
Patty Thomas, art studio, Ingram Texas
Mike Anderson, potter, Rockport, Texas
Mike Anderson
Rockport, Texas, U.S.A.
*handmade pottery
Pottery by Mike Anderson.
The studio of Mike Anderson Pottery, Rockport, Texas
Potters Hands. Mike Anderson, Rockport, Texas
Mike Anderson working in his studio, Rockport, Texas
Bio pic, painter Nick Watson, Bulverde, Texas, abstract art, the Makery

Nick Watson

Bulverde, Texas, U.S.A.

*Non-Expressionist, representational abstract and mixed media paintings

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the Makery, the lab, Nick Watson painting, art studio, Bulverde, Texas
Nick Watson, abstract art, yellow lines, red square, orange circles
American flag by Nick Watson for Gary Sinese Foundation
Artist photo of Linda Calver Jacodbson Wimberley Texas
Linda Calvert Jacobson
Wimberley, Texas, U.S.A.
*realism & contemporary art
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wildflowers, realism, painting, field of flowers with blue sky
wilflower art gallery front door photo wimberley texas

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