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Anna Johnson, visiting artist, acrylic paintings

Introducing Mrs. Anna Johnson. My wife and I met Anna and her husband when we were all stationed together in Korea with the Army over a decade ago. Life seemed much more quiet back then, oh wait that was before we all had kids.

Anna is a Russian-born self taught independent painter. Love led her heart to a U.S. Army helicopter pilot. Now we in America can directly enjoy Anna's work! She is a busy mother of 3 but still finds time to paint the beautiful things that capture her attention in everyday life.

Anna usually paints landscapes, flowers, seascapes, and still life but is open to new genres. She works in both acrylic and oil mediums on canvas. Up until now, her paintings have been commissioned mainly by word of mouth from family and friends. She and her family will soon be residing in Florida by way of a well-earned military retirement out of southern Alabama.

Most military spouses have to take time away from their careers to accommodate the demands of the military life, but that is all going to change once they transition to Florida. Anna plans to expand her market in galleries around the world and in juried art competitions this year. For which we say, Anna you have our vote!

Anna savors being outdoors and finding things that inspire ideas for her projects. She also enjoys photography, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Thank you Anna for sharing some of your wonderful art and being our first Visiting Artist. We look forward to more visits from you in the future and wish you the best on your upcoming adventures.

You can contact Anna in English/Russian at: or by her Facebook Page titled: Anna Johnson

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