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Brian Guenthenspberger, visiting artist, travel photography

Brian Guenthenspberger is originally from Southern Indiana. His academic background is in architecture and industrial technology.

He was however a Commissioned Army Armor Officer and Cavalryman. Brian has recently retired from military service after many dedicated years in support to our nation. Now, you might not imagine a Tanker with much artistic vision considering their well-earned reputation for blatant destruction or “blowing things up” as he would put it, but you would be mistaken.

Brian has long been afflicted with wanderlust and always ventures forth with his pocket and/or cell phone cameras to destinations all over the world. Underneath the war paint, track grease, and sweat is an avid traveler with an eye for interesting architectural elements. He does not stage any shots; instead attempts to capture the moment as it reveals itself.

Brian is a minimalist traveler who collects cartography and vintage navigation devices. He enjoys simply the journey of travel, always to new places, staying a while and then moving someplace new as the meaning of life reveals its beauty. He has developed an appreciation for travel writers too, like Freya Stark or Wilfred Thesinger. When one has been around the world enough, you know that works of traditional writers most accurately identify the time-tested points of interest.

Brian’s story proves the falsehood of occupational stereotypes and the importance to look beyond the cover page into a person’s depth. This is the kind of man worth meeting up with somewhere around the world for drinks and intelligent conversation. His favorite artist besides his old Army buddy here is Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Piranesi also studied architecture before becoming famous for his very detailed way he approached angles and doors, a theme Brian is also quite skilled at capturing.

Travel photography is a way to document the journey and perhaps inspire you too to get out in the world and explore.

Visit sample of Brian's photography by pressing this link: Travel Photos

Brian Guenthenspberger

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