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Dusan Krivsky, visiting artist, oil painter

It’s finally October, and what better way to bring in the autumn season than introducing you to an artist right from the core of Bohemia in the heart of Europe.

Dusan Krivsky is an internationally known professional artist and businessman. He’s from the historic town of Nymburk, Czech Republic where he still resides with his family.

There are different philosophies in art as to how to master a genre. Dusan believes in versatility. After all, how do you know what potential you have if you never explore the expression of it?

Dusan has been painting and developing his style since childhood. He attended specialty fine art trade schools within the Czech Republic. He has also been willing to leave the comforts of his homeland in order to learn and paint in austere locations. From painting en plein air on the beaches of Normandy, France to botanical and nature studies in Indonesia, Dusan has been open to adding those color pallets and new techniques to his skillset.

Our visiting artist demonstrates yet again, the false stereotypes within occupations as to how individuals can be creative. Dusan is ALSO a military man. He served as an Armor Non-Commissioned Officer in the Czech Army. We consider him a brother–in-arms artistically and militarily.

These have been successful decisions. His paintings have been on solo exhibits since 2000 across Europe and Asia and on display in several International group exhibits too. There have been many media articles about him from around the world. This year he broke into the New York City art scene by being featured in a book of European artists and we are now introducing him from Texas to the world we reach.

Dusan also creates set design for film and television and has even made cartoon commercials. But, his versatility doesn’t stop there, now he’s expanded his industrial paint business to interior design and furniture design. Proving his wide range of talents by being commissioned to perform renovations on the Senate buildings of the Czech Republic.

On display this month are some samples of Dusan’s oil paintings. Feel free to contact him for further information or discussion.

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