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Introducing my better half, Yvette

Hello, I'm Nick's wife, mother of our 2 children and Medical Doctor by occupation. Like some artists, this is not my job but an avenue for expression. I enjoy taking still life photos. You see, still lifes never jitter about, roll their eyes or seer back at you with dinosaur glares when asked for just one more photo.

Fruits are my favorite. Color, shape, texture, smell, taste; they are the whole package in my opinion.

This year I began turning these photos into quality notecards. Enough of them have sold now in other venues that I've gained some artistic respect in my household and the owner...has finally let me showcase my art on his business website too. Win-win either way for our family.

Thanks again to Julius Chan for taking our Anniversary photos and to the other visiting artists for trusting me to design their featured pages!

Enjoy! ~Yvette

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