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Introducing our new visiting artist, Lucie Gelemová

In America, February is the month we celebrate Valentine's Day. Nothing brings more happiness in the dormant winter months than color!

Lucie Gelemová's Fine Art embodies the hues and shapes feminine women love. Her artwork contains elements of expressionism, abstraction and surrealism inspired from the sensuous world around her.

She lives in Prague, Czech Republic. For centuries, artists from this Bohemian capital city have perfected the use of vibrant color in art. Lucie too has become a productive descendent of that vibrant Bohemian art community. After returning to her homeland from a 3 year apprenticeship in London, England Lucie took an art therapy course at Masaryk University. This eventually guided her to enroll at Institute of Art & Design in Prague where she is currently based.

Feel free to contact Lucie in English or Czech for further information.


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