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Welcome Nick Watson!

Non-expressional, representational abstract, mixed media, all around fun with underlays of incredible intensity....may be a way to describe Nick Watson's art. However, most people don't start their bio's like this:

"I was a 20 year old , 2nd Lieutenant just out of the Army's Officer Candidate School awaiting orders for my first combat deployment. By the time I hit my 21st birthday those orders were cut and in December of 1967 I was on the ground in Vietnam with the infantry. Within a few weeks, I had earned a Combat Infantryman's Badge, Bronze Star with Valor and a Purple Heart. Then I said to myself, humm, I only have 340 more days to go! After my 1 month recovery from grenade fragments, I spent the following 9 months in the Vietnam bush."

After the war, Nick unwound for the better part of the 70's living the nomads life in Hawaii doing what many of similar age did during that time...surfing, chasing ladies, and well you know....

Eventually, finding true love, a need to be responsible made its way into Nick's life. He went back to doing what he knew he could do best; he re-entered the military. This time enlisting as a Non- Commissioned Officer in the Marine Corps working his way up to Gunnery Sergeant and retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer.

Nick's lived and worked all over the world. Upon retirement he decided to begin cultivating and sharing his talents through the visual arts. This is a very creative man who definitely thinks outside of the box but, will never limit where those boundaries are set.

He and his wife Francesca own The Makery, a local arts and crafts center in the old village downtown of Bulverde, Texas. Here you can see The Lab where he creates, take a class or even buy handmade unique presents from local artists. On this 241st Birthday of the United States Marine Corps, we welcome Nick to our Visiting Artist community and thank him for his honorable service to our Nation.

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