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The Fine Art of Painting Small

PPC-38 " 3" x 3" oil on wood, Petite Painting Collection, L. Nicholas Smith

Horace, the Roman poet is quoted as writing “a picture is a poem without words”. That said when one scales down art, a petite painting could be reflected as a Haiku.

The most beloved Japanese Haiku is by Bashō:

古池や 蛙飛び込む 水の音


Old pond and

A frog leaps in

Sound of water

Looking at small art allows you to hone in your skills, which you can take to understanding larger compositions.

For example, in the world of landscape lovers there is a whole philosophy behind your horizon preference. Some believe how you see the horizon is also how you approach life. Are you a glass half full, half empty or evenly balanced kind of person? The same can be projected where the horizon is on landscape paintings. Tiny paintings can help you quickly compare where your eye naturally is drawn.

Fine art is fine art. Quality oil paints are used, thought is considered in the composition and skill is used in the brush strokes. Paintings come in all sizes. Why not enjoy life to the point where you can have the luxury of placing real art in small spaces. On a tiny easel next to your bed? How about on magnets for your refrigerator? Do you have a small office or live in a tiny house where a small painting could be enjoyed? These make great thoughtful gifts too.

Valentine’s Day is coming and why not surprise your loved one with a tiny painting! We have a whole collection of petite paintings available at very fair prices. Each painting is a one-of-a-kind original. Is the choice weighing on your shoulders, well we also have e-gift cards available for sale in our online shop.

Here's a quick link to our online store:

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