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Spring arrival in the Texas Hill Country

Warm Tone # 11, 11" x 14" oil on wood, Texas Collection Portfolio by L. Nicholas Smith

NEW RELEASE: Warm Tone #11, 11" x 14" oil on wood, Texas Collection Portfolio.

If you have been reading our blogs over this past winter you may have noticed the Tonal landscape progressions Nick has painted throughout this past season. Now that spring has arrived and the bluebonnets are in full glory around the Texas Hill Country he poured more blues into this newest tonal piece. The spring blues seep up through the ground and peek between the clouds. This is a break from classic tonal art, but he's a color specialist and the temptation to add more color is like telling a child not to touch the presents under the Christmas tree.

For review, painting in a tonal art style, subdues the strong color contrasts and allows the painting's elements to more strongly interact. In realism painting, elements mean the core geometry of shapes, lines, and angles that the artist uses. In classic architecture there are time-proven patterns humans the world over gravitate to, such as the Composite Order. Even in music and dance there are 8 count rhythms which form their base sets.

As you develop better skills for understanding Realism Art, of course enjoy the composition theme and colors and better yet when you can discuss how the elements balance or contrast each other you are then entering the wonderful realm of fine art sophistication.

The tonal paintings can be viewed in the Texas Collection Portfolio.

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