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How Many Colors Do You See?

Warm Tone #7, 11"x14" oil on canvas, Texas Collection by L. Nicholas Smith

NEW RELEASE: Warm Tone #7, 11" x 14" oil on canvas, Texas Collection Portfolio.

Simply put painters see more acutely than wife. Oh did I get grief when I showed her this painting. Her reaction: "Why did you paint the sky white?! Who is ever going to buy a painting with half of it just a white sky?! *&^*%$."

Ah, it's a good thing I love her dearly. Anyway, this is another tonal styled realism painting. Tonal art subdues the palette but even within a limited palette there is an enormous amount of color just takes a bit more patience to see all the details.

How many colors do you see in the sky?

I used six different colors and then blended hues from those six. After I told her this, she reexamined the painting and could pick out...two. Not everyone progresses at the same speed, but the fun aspect about tonal art is it's ability to teach viewers about contrast, shadows, angles and even on occasion increase their aptitude to see color better.

I'll be at the Heart of Texas Air Show April 6-7th. My collector's prints will be available and so will some of my smaller original paintings like this piece. Fear not, if you want to buy an original, we'll package it up and safely store it while you enjoy the air show. Then you can then pick it up on your way out. No risk hauling a painting around during such a busy fun filled show.

If you want to get first pickings and beat the Austin/San Antonio art collectors to my newest paintings then the Heart of Texas Air show is where you can find them. After that we head to the Wimberley Arts Fest which draws the passionate art lovers from my region.

You can still get tickets online or at the gate for the Heart of Texas Air Show!

See you there--- Nick

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