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WWII Soldiers reading mail

Mail Call has always been a morale booster for soldiers. These days it usually comes via email, but beggars can't be choosey. And this ol' grey haired soldier still gets happy receiving mail.

Yesterday, to my utmost delight before we even got home were several supportive emails sitting in our inbox from folks we met at the Wimberley Arts Festival!

I'm glad to report several paintings, prints and cards found homes this past weekend as well. Plus, we had such a nice time chatting with fellow veterans, their families and realism art lovers.

What was also neat was a gentleman who snagged up one of my favorite abstract wabi sabi-styled paintings at from last years' Autumn Pecan Street festival stopped our booth in Wimberley just to say hi. I like to create both realism and abstract art and finding folks who like both or either genres really motivates me into getting ready for my summer painting season.

Before I can settle into my summer painting routine, we have only three more spring shows to do. This coming weekend is the Round Top Arts Fest, over Memorial Day weekend is the Kerrville Art Festival and then the first weekend in June we'll head north for the Hillsboro Art Festival.

Thanks to everyone who made Wimberley's art festival a successful weekend!


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