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New Release: Sampler Collection

NEW RELEASE: April Bouquet, 11" x 14" oil on wood, Sampler Collection by L. Nicholas Smith.

This is a botanical inspired oil painting of a solitary bluebonnet wildflower with seedling foliage. The painting fits into a 12 volume sampler series of flower bouquets named for each month of the year. A tune to this series in every painting is also a hidden ladybug.

The gift of solitary flowers is centuries a old courting ritual of Central Europeans. It is understood that men are surrounded by beauty, but they also can identify that individual lady who is the focus of their adoration. In courtship, the suitor will often present her with a solitary flower symbolizing his recognition of her loveliness and intent to pursue her affections. Bluebonnets usually bloom in patches but, occasionally you can find a rare one shining in her own light. This painting was commissioned by a husband still reaching his love out to his wife after 20 years.



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