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Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Honestly, its never too late in life to learn something new.

Over the weekend I took a sand castle building class with my roadies. The class was taught by master sandcastle sculptor, Mark Landrum @PortASandCastleGuy. He's a local legend along the coastal bend area of the Texas gulf coast.

It was one of the most fun art classes I've ever taken! I learned fundamental techniques specific to the Texas sand, had a great team building exercise with my kids, and was exposed to so many new sandcastle building vocabulary words my head was spinning.

Leaving the lesson I felt a deepened appreciation to this form of art, my creative juices were recharged and now I'm ready to get prepared for this autumn's art shows.

We will be signing up for a continuing education class next time we visit North Padre Island at Corpus Christi, TX. We recommend you do too!


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