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Remembering History

Texas was a state within our Union from 1845-1860 and from 1865 until present time.

As part of our statehood agreement, National defense forces were stationed on the vast Texas frontier lands. Their duties were to defend our border with Mexico and against warring tribal people. Eventually, their role expanded to protect civilians and supply routes against bandits, smugglers, and pirates.

Post civil war, newly formed segregated black units were assigned duty stations in Texas and were here until the early 1890s.

The conditions were rough and rural, their combatants lawless and unpredictable. Additionally, they faced prejudice from within the military and in their frontier communities.

Regardless of the obstacles set forth before them, these units compiled an outstanding service record, were respectfully named Buffalo Soldiers by their enemies and paved the way to our present day fully integrated military. These soldiers made America great.

This portrait honors the men of the 9th and 10th Cavalry whose mission success stabilized the State of Texas allowing it to progress into the success it is today.


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