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Secret Art Vaults in Marfa, Texas

fireproof safe with petite paintings and toy soldiers
Art vault in Marfa...I mean Bulverde, Texas

Well, I finally managed to get a 24hr white out on Facebook....maybe because in my last blog I may have mentioned those secret art vaults in Marfa, Texas.

Come on Zuckerburg! We all know you and your buddies keep your stash out there. Anyway, if your home art vault looks about the size of mine...and not yet to the size of those in Marfa....FEAR NOT!

Along with my larger realism paintings, I will be bringing my Petite Paintings Collection to the Wimberley Art Fest this weekend too. These little gems make great gifts, tiny room accents, small office luxuries and even fit into your under the bed fireproof safe box. If you have kids, they can set up your very own security detail as well!

Weather forcast is calling for a very pleasant weekend. Come on out and search for original one of a kind treasures at the Wimberley Art Festival this weekend.

Thanks to my son for staging this photo shoot. :-))


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