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The Art of War

The Art of War (Sunzi bingfa) is a 5th-century BC military book written by the Chinese strategist Sun-Tzu (aka Sunzi or Sun Wu from the state of Qi). The text on bamboo scroll covers the major aspects of warfare, it seeks to advise commanders on how to prepare, mobilize, attack, defend, treatment the vanquished, and the final 13th chapter ends stressing the importance of spying. One of the most influential texts in history, it has been used by military strategists for over 2,500 years.

Its recurring theme encourages commanders to energize the Qi (shih, breath or existence of life) of their troops while at the same time drain the Qi of their enemies. This book has been the manuscript used by both good and bad leaders to achieve their goals and will undoubtedly continue to be utilized.

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." 孫武 長卿


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