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The Purple Verbena

photo picture of purple verbena phlox wildflower close up in sunshine at Silver Oak Art

What a great perennial wildflower! Vibrant color, hardy drought tolerant, distributed all through planting zones 6-10, long lasting, tons of medicinal benefits, is used in far too many potions and lotions by the females here at Silver Oak Art...but its often overlooked out in nature by the uneducated eye.

Education is a slippery slope. Little education keeps your mind simple and controllable, too much education, then your mind becomes critical and demanding. A good education allows you to differentiate knowledge, apply weighted reason, and maximize life's pleasures.

Our country is on the precipice of some very serious philosophical divisions. Should we abandon the advancement of scientific discovery for the manipulation of social control? Should we continue to propagate the unskilled arts because their sales pitches are better than their products? Should we rewrite history instead of expanding the documentation of what happened? When is the last time you've seen a verbena or have you really ever seen one?


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