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What the &^%$#?

prada marfa Nicholas Smith minimalist sculpture valentine texas

As the new year and new decade begins we often have that strong desire to get the cluttered holiday decor put away. This is the time of the year when I am most susceptible to seeking out the stimulations of Minimalist Art.

Meet my friend Jorge. He is a lot like me, ever wondering what's around the next corner. This year, both our wives decided to take these desires to a whole new level.

While on vacation in the Big Bend region of Texas with two cars full of hungry tired kids, we set out on this day trip to enrich our thoughts about consumerism, pop culture, and simplifying our life in 2020.

1. This "sculpture" is NOT in Marfa, Texas. 2. It's not in Valentine, Texas either 3. You can't even go in it. This land art is actually 1 mile west of Valentine off US highway 90. Don't fret, that's the only paved road in the area should you be motivated.

The Prada Marfa Boutique land art sculpture was created by artists Elmgreen & Dragset and produced by the Art Production Fund and Ballroom Marfa. The door is intentionally locked and samples from Prada's 2005 fall collection are on display donated by Prada's contemporary art loving founder Miuccia Prada herself.

Overtime, this roadside attraction has organically developed a consumer reaction in opposition to the artists original anti-commercial lessons. Business cards litter the surroundings and the fence around it has become a lovers lock paradise.

In all honesty, that's something that makes America great and so confusing to our visiting international friends. We value the creativity and thought provocations of minimalistic land art placed in a seemingly empty desert but, we just can't stop ourselves from wanting to participate or add our own impact. No virgin Highway 90 traveler can resist stopping here, taking a photo or securing their very own sweetheart's lock to the ever growing muddled fence. The nearby small towns also reflect this ataxic contrast where entrepreneurs are busy opening trendy upscale businesses while their neighbors resist all curb appeal suggestions except for the shabby junk yard vernacular.

Jorge & I did manage to have a fun day after all, we were with our families on an adventure, making memories, and enjoying the sights of Texas. BUT, if you ever wanted to know the truth about those legendary mysterious Marfa Lights that have been recorded by visitors since the late 1800's...we won't divulge the secrets...only refer you back to our Prada Marfa photo just to save ya some gas money.


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