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Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson Pottery imprint
Mike Anderson pottery demonstration
Mike Anderson hands
Mike Anderson pottery
Mike Anderson Pottery, Rockport TX
Mike Anderson Pottery
Mike Anderson pottery
Mike Anderson studio
Mike Anderson glaze shelf
Mike Anderson studio
Mike Anderson pottery glazes

The hands of a potter.  This is an ancient art.  Asian remnants date back 20,000 years and pottery in all its forms is still practiced around the world today including down near the beautiful Texas coastline.  Mike Anderson lives in serenity; the colors, shapes, animals and design all inspired by the Aransas National wildlife refuge, and the barrier islands of the gulf coast.  Mike has been creating both functional and decorative pottery for over 40 years.  He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts along with a secondary art education credential from San Francisco State University and spent a career teaching at the Penn State University craft center and the Providence Center in Arnold, Maryland.  Now retired, his costal bend home studio is an organized production facility that most of us can dream of achieving. He comfortably throws on his wheel in one air conditioned building, walks next door to fire in the kiln building and then separately glazes and models his pieces in another building designed to capture light and photograph the shapes and colors wonderfully.  If you are looking for unique keepsakes, be sure to remember his wonderful creations!  

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