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Patty Thomas

Patty grew up in heart of Central Texas, Austin and now lives in Ingram Texas, key to the Texas Hill Country region. She has a fine arts degree from Abilene Christian University and is known for painting homes, churches and serene country landscapes.  Presently she paints out of her studio. For as long as she can remember, she has loved to draw and paint. It's the one thing she's always wanted to do. Her expressions have taken many forms, and always with a thankfulness to God for allowing her to represent His creation. She hopes her passion can be felt in these lovely paintings. 

Old Texas barn, (c) Patty Thomas, artist, Ingram, Texas
(c) Patty Thomas, artist, cows in pasture, Texas
dirt road lined with trees, (c) Patty Thomas, Ingram Texas
Texas pond and farm landscape (c) Patty Thomas, artist Ingram Texas
dirt road Texas, (c) Patty Thomas, artist from Ingram Texas
Texas country road springtime, (c) Patty Thomas, artist from Ingram Texas
golden harvest field (c) Patty Thomas, artist, Ingram Texas
blue egg in nest (c) Patty Thomas, artist, from Ingram Texas
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