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Valery Semenov

 Валерий Семёнов

I am honored to introduce you to a true Master Painter, Mr. Valery Semenov from Voronezh, Russia.  The world’s art enthusiasts have always coveted the masterpieces of artistic genius produced from the Russian art community in the realism and impressionistic genres.  We are elated to meet Mr. Semenov’s acquaintance and have the opportunity to share his prize-winning art. 


Valery Semenov is a graduate of the Voronezh Art College and a member of the Guild of Russian Artists.  He has a very lengthy professional biography full of honors from all across Russia, was an art instructor, produced a lifetime of both solo and group exhibitions, and has a large diverse body of work with multiple pieces acquisitioned by museums throughout Russia and France.  


Have you ever wondered what the art studio of a Russian artist is like?  Mr. Semenov has been so generous to give us a unique glimpse into his fine art studio located in his beloved 12th century city. Learn about printmaking from Mr. Semenov's art studio by pressing the button link.


Feel free to contact Mr. Semenov in Russian or English for further information about his artwork.


Click the images below to enlarge.


River Don
The Market in Yalta
Sparrows in Voronezh
Slavic Household Items
On the River Bitung
The City of Yalta. At a Mooring
Portrait of an Unknown Woman
A Woman From California
On the River Bityug
Theodosius Pechersky
Alone. The City of Yalta
River Don
Planting Flowers
Old Barn on Bityug
The City of Voronezh
Self- Portrait
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