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What is Wabi Sabi Art?

wabi sabi oil painting blue and white colors palette knife technique
Blue Wind and Sea, 30" x 40" oil on canvas

Wabi Sabi in Japanese means the art of imperfection. Basically, back in the day of the great far east Asian Empires, artists were never really free to create. The rulers had particular styles they felt were proper and artist would apprentice for years to perfectly master let’s say painting the lotus flower on rice paper.

There was little variation of style until the mid 1500’s when a gradual acceptance and appreciation of the organic deviation that art can take emerged. It probably helped that the Buddhist religious leaders incorporated this into their Marks of Existence teaching and so it began.

Now, traditional Wabi Sabi, envision your local Zen garden with pottery and finely groomed plants, uses light natural colors and ever so delicate movements and foliage variations. After having lived and worked in the far east Asian countries for 4 years, I have decided to adapt this style by my merging it with the color saturation cherished by the Austin-San Antonio Texas contemporary art lovers. I liken it to the serene slow motion freezing of ice meeting the colorful happy celebration of Fiesta! The result is big, bold, can’t get through a room without looking at them oil paintings.


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